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We have helped many companies to either rollout Salesforce or through custom development. Below are a few areas of focus we can cover.

Sales and Service Cloud

These two clouds are the key ones in the Salesforce ecosystem. Our consultants can do it all, customization, triggers, validation rules, Apex classes, Visual Force pages and other UI development

Experience Cloud

The Experience (aka Communities) Cloud is a growing area in the Salesforce space. More companies are leveraging this cloud to connect with their customers, partners or internal users.

Marketing Cloud

If the Sales cloud out of the box campaign management doesn’t address your complex needs and the Marketing cloud or another Salesforce marketing app solves your problem our team is ready to help.

Systems Integration

Salesforce to Salesforce, Salesforce to other cloud platforms or on-prem, real time or scheduled, we can integrate your systems for seamless data movement. ERP system, billing systems and pretty much any system that has data you need between it and Salesforce can be integrated through APIs, custom connectors, transitional apps or ETL jobs.

Reporting and Dashboards

Custom or out of the box repots and dashboards will help you make data driven decisions. Accurate and meaningful reporting is critical to any business. While Salesforce can produce great reports in many case a custom report is needed to have complete and clear picture of your data.

Know Your Customer

Using the #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the world can give you complete view of your customers. Our Salesforce consultants are very familiar with what kind of metrics you need to capture to build a 360 view of a customer.

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