Down to Earth Cloud Solutions

About Us

Our focus is on the customer’s needs. By taking the time to understand your ultimate goals we better position our project teams to deliver solutions that are aligned with your business needs and vision.

Who Are We

Salesforce consulting is not just a matter of writing code, it takes experience and the commitment to own the solution delivery to complete customer satisfaction.

We are a team of professionals that can provide the depth and expertise your projects need. With many years of experience across multiple industries in cloud technologies, software development and systems integration, we are confident we can help you with your projects.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to deliver small- and medium-sized business with end-to-end cloud solutions, while ensuring the most value is gained out of the investment. By employing strategies that are both scalable and reusable across the Salesforce ecosystem, we aim to help businesses face the ever-changing challenges with our industry expertise in the automotive, financial, media, telecom, non-profit and other sectors.

About US

What We Do

Every project or initiative is unique and has its own challenges. Throughout the years we have learned to stay calm under pressure and focus on the tasks at hand. As some would say “keep your eye on the ball!”

We have also learned to look for opportunities for our clients, be that a credit application that saved them $350K/yr or leveraging new technologies that saved them $750K from the project budget.

Our history

We started in 2017 as a small consulting company in Toronto, Ontario covering the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Today, we have an office in Florida and the team has grown to include Salesforce Architects, Admins, Sales, Service, Marketing and Communities cloud consultants, developers, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, ETL developers, Project Managers and testers. Some of our clients are multi-million dollar corporations while others are smaller organizations who just need help implementing Salesforce.

Our 6-D process


Consulting is about listening to the client’s needs. We start with understanding where you are today along with the challenges that you need to address. Understanding where you want to go strategically and tactically lets us come up with solutions to help you manage your business goals.


Leveraging our expertise and skillsets, we start defining business processes, the architectural building block (ABBs) and the solution building blocks (SBBs) that will help us zero in on the solution design.


When the solution is identified and approved, we lay out the design to complete the solution and ideas turn into technical solutions with advanced details while keeping an eye on the business processes and long term vision.


Our developers have years of experience with various technologies Apex, .Net, JavaScript, Node.js and many others using well established IDEs and methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall or hybrid that are aligned with your organization and pass you approval.


Regardless of the approach, change sets, ANT,  Bitbucket or Jenkins, deployment into production has to pass quality assurance (QA). Our developers will do their unit testing and will work closely with your QA resources. If you need QA support we can provide the resources to test and validate the code and production deployments. They can also coordinate User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and regression testing.


Our job does not stop after deployment. Our engagements include a warranty period to ensure your organization takes full advantage of the new functionality. During Delivery we can help with cross-training, user adoption and documentation.

Why choose us?

Scalable Designs

All solutions are reviewed by experienced architects to ensure they are reliable, scalable and future proof.

Experienced Design Teams

The project teams are structured to provide the best expertise that matches the requirements and preferred solution.

Result Oriented Projects

To produce the results you expect from a professional team we follow the Build-Measure-Learn approach.

Proactive Support Team

As the saying goes, better to prevent than to cure… and we believe that to be true.

Best ROI Techniques

By following proven techniques like A/B testing, continuous development and a learning feedback loop we avoid waste. 

Industry Experienced Professionals

Our teams-members come from various industries, from automotive, finance, media, telecom, not-for-profit, pharma, insurance to nuclear and government.